For George Thorogood, bad is good. Good might be OK for some, but bad is his bread and butter. 

So if he tells you he's doing "bad," that's probably a good thing. He initially felt the title of the band's current tour, "Good to be Bad," was bad (in a bad way), but one of his crew members helped him see the good in it. 

"He said, 'The word bad has done very good for you, George,'" Thorogood said in a phone interview. "I thought, 'Yeah, he's got a point.'" 


Billy Blough has been the bass player for George Thorogood and The Destroyers since 1976. Bill and Lowell talk about how he joined the band back in the day, touring with the Rolling Stones, life on the road and so much more!

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George Thorogood


George Thorogood has announced dates for his Good to Be Bad: 45 Years of Rock tour.

The veteran blues rockers will hit the road with his band the Destroyers for performances across the U.S. that stretch from summer into fall. You can see the full touring schedule below.

Known for songs like “Bad to the Bone,” “Get a Haircut” and “Born to Be Bad,” Thorogood and the Destroyers have sold more than 15 million records in their career. The group has also earned their reputation as a tireless live act, regularly delivering high-energy performances all over the globe



Blues Rock legend George Thorogood—the multiplatinum musician behind enduring hits such as “Bad To The Bone” and “I Drink Alone”—joins Sammy Hagar for an all-new episode of Rock & Roll Road Trip, airing Sunday, June 16 at 8pE/5pP.

In this exclusive first look, Thorogood recalls the events leading up to his rise to rock n’ roll superstardom. “I was on this tour that we did in 1981, the 50/50 Tour… tour stop number 54 happened to be playing at the SuperDome with the Neville Brothers and Rolling Stones,” Thorogood explains. “Now, the night before that, we played a place in Arkansas called The Library, seated 125 people… [The SuperDome] seated 80,000 people!” The band’s star was about to get a whole lot bigger thanks to “Bad To The Bone”—a song that would go on to become one of Thorogood’s signatures, but at the time, was only just beginning to take shape.

Though it had only ever been played during soundchecks, “Bad To The Bone” managed to capture the attention of one of music’s most celebrated producers. Thorogood continues, “This man comes up to me and he introduces himself. He says, ‘Are you writing any songs?’… I said, ‘Actually, I am. I’m trying to put some stuff together.’ And he said, ‘Well, if they’re anything like ‘Bone’, you’re gonna do all right’… I said, ‘How do you know about that song?’ Because nobody knew it. And he goes, ‘George, it’s my job to know it. By the way, I’m David Geffen.’ “ Check it out here.

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