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Had a great conversation with George Thorogood today!

He called in to chat about the new George Thorogood and The Destroyers album "LIVE IN BOSTON, 1982 - The Complete Concert," which is out now. The album title probably sounds familiar...that's because highlights from the November '82 concert at the Bradford Ballroom have been released before, but this is the entire show!


There are 24 songs on the new album (12 of which are previously unreleased), it clocks in at about 2 and half hours, and I would honestly rank as one of the best live albums of all time.

We also talked about his early influences, life during the pandemic, returning to touring, and much more.

You can listen to the complete interview 

Arguably more Chuck Berryesque than Chuck Berry himself. George Thorogood is a kind of sensei of rock’n’roll, a Zen master of boogie. Had he never written a song himself (and he hasn’t written many), Thorogood would be deserving of honours for his interpretations of the music of John Lee Hooker (One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer), Bo Diddley (Who Do You Love) and Berry himself (just about everything). READ MORE
- James Sullivan Boston Globe, 12/7/20
“The crowd is roaring at full volume even before the band takes the stage. The new 4-LP expanded version of George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ ultra-rowdy Live in Boston, 1982: The Complete Concert is a bittersweet reminder of just how much the live local music scene of the past half-century or so has made this town go, go, go. For the music fanatic in your life this shut-down Christmas, there’s a lot more holiday cheer where Thorogood’s marathon house-wrecking set...came from.”

Written By Jason Stahl 

George Thorogood has made a living performing other musician’s songs. He’s performed them so damn well we all think he’s the original artist. His self-described journey of “starting from the bottom and clawing to the middle” began once he got the heck out of Delaware. As he sang in “Bottom of the Sea,” Thorogood has “been all around the world.” He traveled cross-country for a shot at being in John Lee Hooker’s band becoming a street performer along the way. He lived in Boston. Has been performing in New Zealand and Australia and Europe for decades. He currently lives in Southern California. READ MORE

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