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It’s been a long wait but finally the baddest man in blues George Thorogood has returned to Sydney. He is currently in Australia with his band the destroyers as they are celebrating 45 years together.

A sold out Enmore Theatre roared loudly as George strutted onto the stage kicking things off and setting the tone for the night with “Rock Party”. From then on it became a flawless set of all killer, no filler rocking tunes.

It seemed as though everyone had a drink in hand for “I Drink Alone”. If they didn’t for that song then they surely did for the singalong follow up “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”. George even paused after the song for a little banter trying out his Aussie accent and slang. Soon after we were all transported back to the 90’s with the anti-conformist anthem “Get A Haircut”.

Then the time had come that everyone had been waiting for, George strikes the iconic opening riff and it’s time for B B B “Bad To The Bone.” The entire place erupts with both crowd and band loving every minute of it. George’s slide guitar skills were lightning fast and The Destroyers were super tight. Hearing “Back To The Bone” live with all its swagger should be on every blues fans bucket list.

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Celebrated Guitarists Billy Gibbons, George Thorogood, Warren Haynes, Nancy Wilson, Steve Lukather, Charlie Starr and Ellis Hall to Perform

Concert to Benefit Brain and Mental Wellness Charities for Veterans and First Responders

For the first time, The CW Network will air the star-studded benefit concert AMERICA SALUTES YOU PRESENTS GUITAR LEGENDS 3 as a one-hour special on Friday, December 27, 2019 (8:00-9:00pm ET).

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) hosts the benefit concert and is joined by guitar legends including George Thorogood (George Thorogood & The Destroyers), Grammy Award-winner Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule), Nancy Wilson (Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and co-founding member of Heart), Steve Lukather (co-founding member of Toto), Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke) and Ellis Hall (Tower of Power Lead Vocalist). World renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff leads an All-Star band.

AMERICA SALUTES YOU PRESENTS GUITAR LEGENDS 3 is an annual concert benefiting brain and mental wellness charities for veterans and first responders. This is the first time the guitar-fueled event is in San Diego. This concert is part of the Wonderfront Music Festival in San Diego that included performances by Migos, Miguel, Ben Harper and local favorite Slightly Stoopid.

No Greater Sacrifice, the LA Fire Department Foundation, the Entertainment Industries Council and Patriotic Service Dog Foundation are among the charities benefitting from the show. Returning sponsors include AT&T, Production Glue, Walgreens, KLOVE Media and The Center for Discovery.

For The First Time America Salutes You Presents Guitar Legends 3 Will Be In San Diego, Be Part Of A Festival and Is Airing On The CW Network

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Billy Gibbons & friends at the 2018 America Salutes You presents Guitar Legends 2 in 2018

WHO: Once again Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Billy Gibbons is hosting the benefit concert and will be joined by guitar legends including George Thorogood (George Thorogood & The Destroyers,) Grammy Award-winner Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule,) Nancy Wilson (Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and co-founding member of Heart) Steve Lukather (co-founding member of Toto,) and Charlie Starr (Blackberry Smoke.)  Ellis Hall (Tower Of Power Lead Vocalist) is newly added to the event. Kenny Aronoff will lead an All-Star band.  This will be the last event in the Wonderfront Music Festival that includes performances by Miguel, Ben Harper, Migos and San Diego’s Slightly Stoopid.

WHAT: America Salutes You presents Guitar Legends 3 is an annual nationally broadcast concert benefiting brain and mental wellness charities particularly for veterans and first responders. The concert will be broadcasted nationally on The CW Network and streamed internationally, check your local listings for date and time. This marks the first time the guitar-fueled event is taking place in San Diego, the first time it is being held as part of a festival rather than as a stand-alone indoor event and the first time the CW Network will air it. 

WHERE: Embarcadero Park as the finale of the three-day Wonderfront Music Festival, San Diego, CA

WHEN: Sunday, November 24:

2:30 p.m. Rehearsals, location given with RSVP

8 – 10 p.m. Concert

COMMENTS: No Greater Sacrifice, the LA Fire Department Foundation, the Entertainment Industries Council and Veterans Village of San Diego will be among the charities benefitting from the show. Returning sponsors include: AT&T, Production Glue, Walgreens, KLOVE Media and new sponsor The Center for Discovery.

TICKETS are available through Wonderfront Music Festival’s website

For more information please go to  Donations to America Salutes You can also be made on the website and by texting FREEDOM TO 20222.


By Todd Beebe, October 30, 2019
George Thorogood has been a force to be reckoned with in the Blues/Rock world for more than 40 years now. From his 1977 debut with his band The Destroyers, to his most recent solo album, Party Of One, George has kept the Blues and Rock and Roll alive as only he can. Musical trends come and go, and George has seen them all. From disco to new wave to alternative rock, George Thorogood stays true to himself and plays music on his own terms. When you list artists who have kept blues based rock and roll alive through the decades, George Thorogood is at the top. Party Of One features him singing and playing guitar completely alone and shows George in top form. I had the privilege of speaking with George recently. We talked about the new album and how George is born to rock! When I asked him about a possible follow-up to Party Of One, his answer was "nope! The minute I got done with the album, I was ready to make music with The Destroyers again!" George is as great as they come and a super down-to-earth guy. His sense of humor is off the chart and we laughed constantly through this interview! We had a great time talking and reflecting on his 40 plus year career. Here's to another 40 years George! Thanks for a great interview!
Todd Beebe: Hey George! Thanks for talking to me today! It's an honor.
George Thorogood: Sure Todd! My pleasure.
TB: I'd like to start off talking about your early years and music you heard that first caught your ear.
GT: As far as the first music I ever heard that influenced me, I mean I was listening to music since I was a kid. I had two older teenage brothers that played rock and roll music all the time, either on the radio or on the record player. So I didn't know, when I was a little kid, that Elvis Presley was a new phenomenon called rock and roll. I thought it had been around forever, because I didn't know! I was too young. I knew I liked it, but I was saying "what's the big deal?!" This guy, Elvis Presley, was just blowing everybody's mind, and all this incredible new music was coming on the radio: Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, and people like that. I just took it in stride cause I just thought, you know, it was always around, just like sunshine was or baseball or winter and summer. It was just a natural thing. But when the Beatles hit, that's like everybody else in the world. It's like, Elvis Presley shook the world, The Beatles shook the universe! (laughs) That was absolutely impossible to deny! I mean, the second you turned on the TV and you saw this guy with this mop haircut with a guitar shaped like a violin and he was playing it left handed, he said the three words that changed the world Todd. And those three words were (sings) "close your eyes!" BOOM! And the world's never been the same! The whole world was watching! I've never asked them about this. I wish I had, but I know for a fact, even though I have never asked them, face to face. I know exactly where Chrissie Hynde was on February 9, 1964, or Bruce Springsteen or Mellencamp or Tom Petty, Willy DeVille. ANY of them! They were right where I was- with their nose right up against that TV screen watching the Ed Sullivan show! And we watched it for the next 5 years! The band that really got close to me quickly was the Rolling Stones. I mean, when I saw them, remember, they were coming out at a time when the Beatles were doing A Hard Day's Night, and they were just blowing everybody's mind! The Stones were just getting started, and they hadn't done any originals yet, to speak of actually. They were doing covers of rhythm and blues. See, I looked at The Beatles and they represented freedom. They were young, they were good looking, they were rich, they were single. They had it all! I mean they were living the 007 dream! (laughs) And I said "wow! They're free of... they don't have to go to gym class, they don't have to cut their hair, they don't have to go to some job they hate!" At least this is what I thought, when I was a kid. Dylan represented truth. When I listened to him it sounded like a person speaking the truth. The Stones represented hope to me. Hope for a guy like me. A slim hope! You gotta remember, the music that happened from 1964 to 1970 is 75% of the music we still listen to today!