Courtesy: In The Loop Magazine

By James Currie

George Thorogood live in St. Charles at Arcada 03 21 17 18The guitar slinging, finger plucking, six string slide genius known as George Thorogood brought down opening night of his two night stay in St. Charles, IL at the Arcada Theatre. He, along with his Destroyers, played through the classic rock boogie driven tunes with fervor. They paid tribute to fallen rockers and lost legends in their profession and brought his brand of humor to encompass it all into a tight hour and a half package of rock and respect. All this on just the first night.

We all know George Thorogood and the Destroyers as that bar rocking, blues boogie belting power house from Delaware. The band that defines badass biker tunes, bar brawls in movies and summertime fair ground love. Thorogood’s sound is unmistakable. His brand stems from his love of rock n roll. His trademark look of perfectly quaffed hair, wrap around black sunglasses, black t-shirt, black jeans and a touch of rattlesnake hide. His sound, from his black (Blacktooth) or white (White Fang) Gibson ES-125 electric hollow bodies and that unmistakable whiskey soaked voice. It all still stands the test of time as great rock n roll should.

On this night, we get a mix of classic Thorogood hits as well as his own favorites in the form of cover tunes. The show opens with his drummer, Jeff Simon’s drums cross lit with blue spot lights center stage as Barry McGuire’s track, “Eve of Destruction” belts out through the PA system. This lead into “Rock Party” then “Who Do You Love?” After which, the band takes their first mini break.

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