Courtesy Time Free Press

For George Thorogood, recording a solo album that featured just him singing and playing guitar was "like walking around in public naked, which I've never done, but you are alone and exposed. It's very difficult."

Thorogood, 67, will be performing with his band, The Destroyers, tonight at Riverbend (9:30 p.m., Coke Stage). He says he's not likely to ever record another solo album such as "Party of One," nor is he ever going to perform by himself. At least he doesn't think so.

The idea of doing a solo record is not new for him, but it just never worked out before, he says. Rounder Records pushed the idea, and it worked out. This time.

"There won't be a second," he says of the new CD, which will be released Aug. 4. It contains covers of tracks by everyone from Bob Dylan to Robert Johnson to the Rolling Stones. They are songs that mean something to Thorogood — and also ones that he could play and sing.

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