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Curious to learn who’s the most popular band from your home state? From Idaho? From Puerto Rico and Guam? (Google those last two—we’re not heroes.) This list (updated in part from information organized by one dedicated Reddit user in 2017) ranks the highest-selling musical acts from each state according to statistics provided by the Recording Industry Association of America in terms of total units sold. Gold records are equivalent to half a million albums, while platinum ones equate to a million albums. We’re looking at U.S.-only totals (for a global look, here are the best-selling albums of all-time). And we’re defining origin by state of birth or state where a band was formed. As for streaming data — well, that’s another article for another time, sheerly for our sanity here at Paste.

Delaware: George Thorogood 
George Thorogood, a native of Wilmington, helped to popularize a blues-rock sound at the peak of his career with hits like “Bad to the Bone” and Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love?” He famously toured 50 states in 50 days, ensuring his influence was felt well outside the First State.

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