George Thorogood Review

It was a great day to head south to Nashville, Indiana on
October 13th to enjoy the great fall weather before head-
ing over to the new Brown Country Music Center for a
meet and greet with George Thorogood just a short time
before he took to the stage to perform in concert. There
were several people that had the opportunity to go back
stage to meet George for pictures and autographs. When
he walked in the room, George started naming off several
famous people from Indiana starting with the Vice Presi-
dent and ending with Steve McQueen. He was personable
and enjoyed sharing a few stories.
George Thorogood and The Destroyers appeared on
stage shortly after 8:00 and opened up with “Rock Party”
followed by “Who Do You Love?” George had the sold
out crowd on its feet, cheering and singing along. “Night
Time” was next on the set list which was one of George’s
early hits from the mid 70’s.
George has a presence on stage that people just love,
with his distinctive voice and unique finger picking on his
Epiphone guitar. The band played a huge crowd favorite,
“I Drink Alone.” George then played one of my favorites,
“Ride On Josephine” followed by one of the best blues
songs to come along “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One
George and his band played with such high energy
all night continuing to play hit after hit including “Gear
Jammer” and “Get A Haircut And Get A Real Job”. Next
was the monster hit and George’s signature song “Bad To
The Bone.” This was definitely the highlight of the show.
George and his band then played the final song “Move It
On Over” before they left the stage. The band returned to
the stage to a cheering audience to play “Born To Be Bad”
for their encore.
George Thorogood and the Destroyers played for about
and hour and 40 minutes. All evening the band put on a
spectacular show with great songs and an awesome light
This was the 3rd time I have seen George but the acous-
tics of this venue made it the best. I can’t wait to have the
chance to see him in concert again.
I highly recommend anyone that enjoys great music to
put George on your must see list. He and his band deliv-
ered great upbeat music all night. A few weeks before the
show I had the opportunity to do a phone interview with
George Thorogood. You can go to or www.
sightsnsoundspromotions to listen to the interview.
The Republican
Danville , Ind.
October 24, 2019