The Bo Diddley Foundation

The Bo Diddley Foundation is a charitable organization that was founded in 2008 to continue the charitable works that were a large, yet unspoken, part of Bo Diddley`s life when he was alive.

Among the causes that were near to Bo`s heart, are those programs and other opportunities that enrich the lives of children and lift them up to reach their highest potential. "Create. Don`t Imitate."

These are words from Bo himself, who was nicknamed "The Originator" because of his innovative style and rhythm that changed the course of music in the 1950s.

Bo Diddley was an American original; born in McComb, MS, reared in Chicago, IL, then later in life, chose as his home the quiet, family-oriented town of Archer, FL. This speaks volumes about the man who traveled the world, gave it it`s rhythm; whose original sound started a genre of music that revolutionized popular music. A legendary man who was famous in every corner of the world, yet humble, dedicated, and genuinely concerned about his family and the family of man.


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