Thorogood introductions started early in life

The Mankato Free Press
By Robb Murray

Don’t you just love a fresh start?

I do. Which is why I’m happy to be coming to you from a different section of the paper this week.

If you hate my columns, please take this opportunity to make a mental note — heck, even write it down somewhere if that’ll help — that I’ve switched up beats a little bit.

Tanner Kent, our former Currents and Mankato Magazine editor who did an absolutely fabulous job on the beat and will be sorely missed, has moved on. I have taken his place. After nearly 20 years covering news — cops and courts, higher education, health care and nonprofits — I’ve decided to accept a new challenge. So to avoid my column about whatever cute thing my kids said yesterday, please note that it’ll be in this section most Thursdays. Bottom of the page.

My first day on this new venture was Monday, which is the same day one of the best emails I’ve ever gotten landed in my inbox. It asked a simple question: “Would you be interested in interviewing George?”

Who is George, you ask?

I’ll get to that in a minute.

First, some background ...

When I was a kid, my parents had a little cabin in the woods in northern Wisconsin. My childhood summer weekends were spent there, Lake DesMoines, a short hike from the “bustling” downtown of Webb Lake.

Jason and Alexandra are the lucky winners of the Albany Union Times Contest!   Their entry was chosen from thousands to receive an autographed set list and a meet and greet with George at the show in Albany, NY.   #40YearsStrong!


Congratulations and thank you for sharing your very sweet story!


"My favorite George Thorogood song is “I’ll Change My Style.”  Me and my wife went to a George Thorogood show in Montreal for our first date. Needless to say, we didn’t see much of the show because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.  However, after that show, we haven’t missed a show in the last 14 years.  I love this song because I used to be “bad to the bone,” but after falling in love with her, I am now a “steady rollin’ man.”  We have built a wonderful life and a great family together. Only a woman like her could make me change my style and I’ll love her forever because of it. Her birthday is June 26th, so winning this contest would certainly be icing on the cake!!"


Happy Birthday, Alexandra!




George Thorogood has announced the extension of his 40th Anniversary tour through the end of July.

As a house system Thorogood is touring with, he has chosen the RCF HDL20-A line arrays coupled with RCF SUB-8006AS subwoofers. RCF has entered into 10491090 577785925673704 7966152242465339130 na strategic alliance with Hendersonville, Tennessee-based tour audio provided 242 Concepts on the 2014 George Thorogood and The Destroyers 40th Anniversary Tour.

For the tour, 242 Concepts is taking 24 HDL20-A along with 12 SUB-8006AS subwoofers for use dependent on size of venue. The RCF HDL20-A is a 1,400-watt two-way line array cabinet with two 10” low frequency/mid frequency transducers coupled with a 3” high frequency compression driver capable of achieving 135 dB max SPL. The SUB-8006AS is a 5,000-watt dual 18” subwoofer able to achieve 141 dB max SPL.

As they have been on the road since February, 242 Concepts has been utlizing the system extensively. They have been amazed at the performance.  On the first leg of the tour, “The system has performed flawlessly,” notes Production Manager/FOH Engineer Jeff Pitt comments. “It is super easy to rig, and the aiming software has been an excellent tool for preparing the system for implementation into the wide array of venues we encounter. We chose the HDL products due to the plug and play nature of the design. We’ve been able to hang more boxes than in previous tours due lightweight design of the box. The system has fit quite nicely into the truck pack taking up a mere 12’ of truck space.”

242 Concepts Engineer Brian Belcher concurs, “there is so much headroom in these boxes, we’ve never clipped in any way,” he says. “That’s refreshing.” Belcher goes on to provide power usage readings demonstrating that a 24 box HDL20-A rig with 12 SUB8006-AS subwoofers drawing less than 13 amps total. “I don’t think anyone else out there can say they can do that!”

When blues-rock legend George Thorogood, best known for his song "Bad to the Bone," learned that the Rock, Ribs and Ridges Festival co-features barbecued ribs with the music, he coined a new motto for the event -- "Good to the Bone."

And if the recipe of ribs and southern rock for the first four festivals was good to the bone, the milestone fifth annual Rock, Ribs and Ridges Festival might be described as boneless, because of a new, larger venue and perhaps wider musical appeal.

Start with Thorogood, who, with his band the Destroyers, is celebrating his 40th anniversary in music. Thorogood will headline on the concert stage, along with Grand Funk Railroad, for the two-day event June 28 and 29.

Add the new venue -- the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta -- and world-class ribbers and craft beer brewers, and you have the makings for the best fest yet. The first four fests were held at Hidden Valley on the side of a mountain -- hence, the Ridges in Rock, Ribs and Ridges -- but that Vernon ski resort went out of business last fall.

"The fairgrounds is a huge recognition and branding factor," said Executive Producer Howard Freeman, of Promo 1 in Fairfield. "It became a no-brainer. It gives us room to grow."

But Freeman and his sponsors were already considering a move, even before the unfortunate circumstances at Hidden Valley left their event homeless.

"Frankly, last year we had Charlie Daniels, and we had such a demand that we ran out of parking. We kind of outgrew the venue," Freeman said.

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