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By:  Don Wilcock

saratogaGeorge Thorogood never thought he’d still be singing “Bad to The Bone” 32 years after he first recorded it and 41 years after he sat slack-jawed watching Blues Hall of Fame band leader Eddie Shaw squire a dying blues legend Howlin’ Wolf to clubs around the country.

About halfway through a grueling 40th-anniversary tour, boogey boy Thorogood brings his Delaware Destroyers band to Empire State Plaza at 5 p.m. Wednesday for a free performance that promises to force younger hard rock bands to “Move It On Over” so he can get Capitaland “Reelin’ and Rockin’.”

Ten years ago, Thorogood told me he couldn’t wait to become a senior citizen so he could engage in behavior that would allow him to get away with shenanigans that would get a younger million-selling rock star busted. Now, at 64, he finds that being an AARP card-carrier doesn’t have the advertised advantages, at least for rock and rollers.

“They keep raising the bar all the time. Nobody gets old anymore, thanks to Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler, who are a little older than me,” he said. “They keep playing, out there rockin’, and everybody turns around and says, ‘Hey, man! Let’s rock.’ I say, ‘What are you trying to do to us?’”


Wednesday, July 9th
KLT welcomes George Thorogood & The Destroyers "40 Years Strong"
 To the Pepsi Bayside Music Stage
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By Christopher Hislop


Last time I caught up with George Thorogood was in 2011. He ended that conversation with "rock 'n' roll never sleeps ...; It just passes out."bilde

It was hilarious. We shared a loud, long laugh, and that was that.

WHAT George Thorogood

WHEN Friday and Saturday, June 20 & 21

WHERE Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, 169 Ocean Blvd., Hampton

COST $44.05 /$59.40

CONTACT 929-4100

He went on to destroy the Casino Ballroom, as he's been doing since 1987 when he first set foot in the place (to the best of his recollection).

Fast-forward to present day, and he's coming back again. This time celebrating his 40th anniversary in the music industry.

When he called for this interview, he picked up exactly where we left off ...;

"Chris, it's been too long! Rock 'n' roll never sleeps ...; It just passes out. My apologies, I passed out for a bit long there ...; " He laughs.

Forty years. That's a long time. For Thorogood, it's sailed on by.

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b3b86908c759389f5c0777ca923c41c5George Thorogood’s a straight-shooter, both onstage and off.

Speaking with the guitarist by telephone in advance of his July 1st show at Hard Rock Rocksino at Northfield Park, we found ourselves both charmed and disarmed by the Delaware native’s quick wit and conversational je ne sais quoi.

A good journalist does his homework. But you’ve got to stay sharp while interviewing Thorogood, or he’ll wrest away the reigns, turn the tables, and fire some zingers back at you. He’s a cordial dude, the kind you’d want to belly to the bar with and pound a couple brews, just like in his songs. His relaxed tone put us at ease, even if some responses made us feel like we were a day late and a dollar short. One imagines the “I Drink Alone” author isn’t unlike the cobra pictured on the body of his white Gibson ES-125 guitar, sly and resourceful. Certainly mischievous, if not devious.

So we’re unprepared when George jumps on the line and get things rolling with a question of his own—a query straight out of left field. Literally.

But yes, Thorogood and his Destroyers—now in their 40th year together—are about as consistent as it gets in rock and roll, churning out album after album of raucous, blues-based guitar rock that still gets the blood pumping. Got the Wednesday hump-day blues? Looking forward to 5 o’clock? Ready for the weekend? Few artists are as synonymous with barroom bacchanalia and bad-boy braggadocio as Thorogood, and—not withstanding Springsteen’s “Born to Run”—few songs can fire up your average blue-collar Joe for quittin’ time as well as “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”

And when it comes to playing the hits, George doesn’t skimp. Fans can expect to hear all the classics—from “Bad to The Bone” and “I Drink Alone” to “Who Do You Love” and “One Bourbon”—when The Destroyers take the Hard Rock Stage.

Legendary liquor-centric lyrics aside, the raconteur of alcohol-fueled revelry remains a staunch proponent of responsible partying. In concert, Thorogood still suggests having your nondrinking buddy drive you home (or better yet, have your buddy’s girlfriend drive you home). During our twenty-minute chat, George shared his thoughts on his guitar style, the history of Classic Rock, and his admiration for C-Town’s love of live music.