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9848532Sniffy critics sometimes poo-poo rock groups they don’t like by labelling them as “a glorified bar band.”

George Thorogood long ago pierced such critical pretensions by embracing the label for himself, and thereby raised the question: What’s wrong with being a glorified bar band? As demonstrated at the National Arts Centre Friday night, if Thorogood and the Destroyers are a bar band, they are a glorious one indeed. The workingman’s rocker from Delaware blasted through a 13-song set that may have been predictable, but was no end of blues-soaked fun.

It started with Born to Be Bad and Rock Party, and included his original hits Get a Haircut, I Drink Alone and, of course, Bad to the Bone.

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-Fan Review by: Tanja Saric

On May 13, George Thorogood and his Destroyers rocked the Centre in the Square in Kitchener, ON, and it was incredible! I have to say, for a GEORGE-THOROGOOD-small64-year-old man,  Thorogood still puts on an amazing and entertaining show.

George and the Destroyers are currently on their “40 Years Strong” tour and after 40 years, they definitely still got it. To be around for so long in the music industry is a huge accomplishment, and Thorogood surely showed that he was worthy and capable. Thorogood definitely knew how to keep the audience entertained with not only his fantastic music, but also with his hilarious wit and humour, “It’s better to be number one for a week than number two for your whole life!” He said referring to his song “Get a Haircut,” which made it to number one on the Canadian charts for a week’s time in the mid ‘90s.


Blues rock legend says he loves playing in Canada.

By: Music, Published on Thu May 15 2014

George Thorogood is a man of few words — everything he’s got to say is there in his legendary rock/blues party thorogood.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox

“Move it on Over,” “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” “Who Do You Love,” and “I Drink Alone” will certainly rattle the rafters at Massey Hall on Thursday, he promises in an interview, during which he seems to be channelling his hit “Bad to the Bone.”

Currently on a Canadian swing as part of his 40th anniversary tour with the Destroyers, Thorogood laconically delivers zingers and sound bites that could double as song titles.

Congratulated for surviving 40 years in the business and the successful “40 Years Strong” tour, he says, “I’m sneaking by.”

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